Saturday, September 25, 2010

Response from an Old Fart

Not 5 minutes after posting my groundbreaking expose on the super-secretive Old Farts Brigade that actually runs Silver Spring, who shows up on my blog? You guessed it, an actual member of the OFB, who happens to be a former skater! I couldn't make this stuff up. From Strategic Hype:
"I grew up in this area and I was a skater. We had $0 dollars spent on any kind of skateboarding amenities and we had just as much fun and didn't harass others with our sport. (We actually had a 12ft ramp we built in the woods behind White Flint) So when I hear all this complaining from a very small group of ungrateful kids and a crazy mom it makes me sick."

For those of you who are not familiar with Old-Fartese, I'll translate: "I used to have fun in my life. I don't have fun any more. I hate kids who have fun. Please stop it and become a miserable Old Fart like me."

Strategic Hype, I think we'll pass on your implied recommendation that those of us who still skate, become more like you.

I actually met someone who was heavily into skating that ramp in the woods behind White Flint. He could not have been more supportive -- of me, of local skaters, and of everything we're trying to do.

And when, Strategic Hype, you decide to add something a little bit more, let's say, intellectually compelling, to this conversation -- other than the fact that our community's children make you sick, I'll be more than happy to post that. I'll be waiting!

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