Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cyber-Stalking and Creepy Silver-Springers

Silver Spring has always had a reputation for having its fair share of weird and creepy people. But the Old Fart Patrol has taken it to the next level.

The OFP wagging heads are up in arms! They are outraged, offended, and a bunch of kids asking for an empty lot to skate in.

Not one argument against these kids holds water:
  • They're asking for too much!

    Actually, no, they're only asking for an empty lot where they won't get kicked out when they skate.

  • They're acting like this is the only issue that matters in Silver Spring!

    Actually, no, but teenagers are unlikely to show up in meetings talking about million dollar library bridges or asking why $3 million of county money was given to a rich corporation. And we're sorry for not mentioning your pet issues, zombies and restaurants.

  • They're entitled!

    Yes they do think they're entitled -- to have an empty lot to skate in.

  • They're ungrateful!

    Sorry, but the kids prefer not skating in a park so tiny that people are constantly crashing into each other.

Every single argument from the OFP is absurd, and proves the fact that they're really not arguing about the issue, and what they're really so riled up about is a group of mostly poor, mostly minority kids and 1 crazy mom is getting so much attention in the press. And that's attention that rightfully belongs to the OFP and their friends, for really important issues like which new restaurants they can feed their faces in.

Okay that's fine people, but would you mind being just a little less creepy about it?

The OFP has taken "creey and weird Silver Springer" to the next level. They cyber-stalk me -- they talk about me constantly, and they stealthily creep through the interwebs, looking for anything I post, or anything posted about me, and report back to their fellow-Old Fart Patrolers.

They talk about the background picture on my Twitter page, they stalk me on Facebook, and they scour the web for any little morsel they can report back on, where they then commence to wag their heads and point their mean little fingers, because...well, because this is Silver Spring. And this is how we roll. Creepy. And. Weird.

People wonder why Silver Spring's schools have such a big problem with bullies. I know why -- because so many of our kids are well-trained by their Old Fart Patrol parents in the Black Arts of Effective Bullying.

They're bullies on the listserves, bullies in blog comments, bullies in community meetings. And they're trying to bully me and a bunch of 11 - 17 year-old kids. Because this is Silver Spring, and this is how we roll. Creepy. And. Really, really weird.

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