Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Portland, Oregon: Video Of Skateboard Scuffle Sparks Investigation

Portland security guard swings a skateboard at a skater. While no Silver Spring skater has reported being hit with a skateboard, several have reported being physically attacked by security guards.
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A video showing a security guard fighting with a group of people in downtown Portland has sparked a city investigation.

The video shows a security guard grabbing a skateboard and swinging it at a man in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees city parks, released a statement Tuesday acknowledging the incident.

"On the evening of Nov. 25, 2009, Pioneer Courthouse Square security officers attempting to enforce park regulations were involved in an alteration with four individuals. One officer suffered minor injuries," Fish said.

The district attorney and parks bureau officials are investigating.
Fox 12 Oregon: Video Of Skateboard Scuffle Sparks Investigation

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