Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christian Villatoro, Silver Spring Skater

Christian Villatoro, Silver Spring SkaterSilver Spring has amazingly talented skateboarders, but unlike our most talented football, or basketball, or soccer players, or exceptional athletes in most any other sport, our skateboarders' names are never mentioned in the press, they don't get the opportunity to shine at awards ceremonies, and beyond the community of skaters and their friends, no one knows how much they've accomplished or how hard they've worked to achieve their goals.

Christian Villatoro17 year old Blake senior Christian Villatoro is one of the most dedicated and fearless athletes Silver Spring has ever produced. He has a super-human level of determination, and does not understand the concept of giving up. He inspires younger skaters to achieve skills that may otherwise seem impossible, were he not here to prove what is possible.

Look for our upcoming interview with Christian, on the impact skating has had on his life, where his determination comes from, and his frustrations with not having a legal place to skate in Silver Spring.

Backside Flip at Courthouse 4

Jumping 8 Stairs at Courthouse

Tre Flip Big 4

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