Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Blog Post Ever

In an age of rampant obesity among teens, inactivity, too much time spent in front of TV and computer screens, rising teen depression, along with the lure of drugs and gangs, and the many other reasons why communities should actually be promoting skateboarding and encouraging kids to skate, rather than aggressively prohibiting the sport and marginalizing the kids who pursue it, it's just awesome to see someone who has a voice in this community speaking up for so many kids who do not:
"Give these kids a prominent place in the community and they'll show it respect. Push them aside and they'll act out..."
Dan Reed of Just Up The Pike offers one of the most powerful and compelling arguments ever written in support of skateboarders. Tony Hawk would love this.

» the case for a downtown skatepark (this time, with numbers)

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